If you need great ideas for a surprise 40th birthday party, DIY projects for your son’s bedroom, or help organizing your garage tools, Pinterest is the go-to place for inspiration. Most people don’t think of Pinterest as a place to find ideas for better medical office management. And that’s too bad, because it’s overflowing with ideas you can use in your own practice.

How Pinterest Works

Think of Pinterest as a collective online bulletin board. Anytime someone sees an idea they like online, or comes up with a worthwhile idea on their own, they can “Pin it” to an online bulletin board on Pinterest. It’s a simple way to gather ideas in one place so you can refer to them later.

The truly exciting thing about Pinterest is most of these bulletin boards are public. So you can search the topic you are interested in and see the bulletin boards other people have created. This gives you access to a huge collective pool of ideas. And, If you like an idea someone else has pinned, you can pin it to your own boards for easy reference.

It’s easy to see how this has become a great source for home improvement, fashion, entertaining, and other similar interests. But here are just a few ideas you can find on Pinterest to help manage your medical practice.

Office organization

How do other offices keep things running smoothly throughout the day? Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Go to Pinterest to find tricks and hacks that other offices have found helpful.

Even in the era of electronic medical records, for example, there is still a lot of paper floating around a medical office. This pin outlines the process for keeping office files organized.

Employee management

Need inspiration for staff meeting icebreakers, encouraging an appropriate dress code, or employee recognition? You will find idea after idea on Pinterest.

This pin on how to give an effective employee evaluation is an example of the simple resources with practical uses that are everywhere on Pinterest.

Legal compliance

Coding and HIPAA are ever-present weights on the office manager’s shoulders. See how other offices implement systems that help them stay in compliance.

For example, here is a pin that offers a visual guide to preparing for a HIPAA audit.

Customer service

Patient care extends beyond the 10 or 15 minutes a patient is with the physician. Phone interactions, scheduling, medication management and insurance claims are all bundled into their experience with your office. Find tips on giving the best care possible throughout all aspects of a patient’s encounter with your office and staff.

Often this encounter starts with a phone call. This pin links to an article on medical office phone etiquette. It’s a great article to share at a staff meeting to be sure everyone is handling the phones the same way.

Medical Marketing

A quick Pinterest search for medical marketing will yield plenty of ideas to build your practice using traditional and web-based marketing.

For example, here is a pin that offers a helpful breakdown of the various Facebook promotion types.

In fact, you can start your own Pinterest account to help market your medical practice. This is a fun way to dip into social media waters and provide a service for your customers. Share ideas for medication management, organizing medical records, healthy recipes, relaxation techniques, and inspirational quotes. Mix in links to your own blog posts or other articles you want your patients to be aware of and you’ve got a great resource for your patients—one that doesn’t take a lot of time to manage.

In the end, running a medical practice is a never-ending series of details that need to be managed effectively. Pinterest is a tool that offers the collective expertise of other medical office managers and subject matter experts. It’s a resource that is already there, waiting for you to take advantage of it. Why not check it out?