How much do you really use your address book? You probably send out holiday cards, birth or graduation announcements for your children, and that’s about it. Over the years, people move, change their names, and get rid of the landline, so that address book ends up filled with duplicate entries and incorrect information.

Sadly, this is also the fate of many a medical practice email list. Occasionally, a message gets sent to the list about a change in office hours or the addition of a new practitioner. Otherwise the list goes unused.

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This is an unfortunate situation because the email list is gold for growing a medical practice. Did you know that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring a new customer than Facebook or Twitter? That’s right. Email marketing works. But for for the email list to do its job it has to be used.

The good news about setting up your email list for marketing your practice is that once you set the program in motion, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to send an email. Here are a few steps to help you get started:

1. Choose an email service provider.

We recommend MailChimp for a couple of reasons. It’s fun to use, and its free service will be sufficient for many neurology practices. Note that this is for general medical information and shouldn’t not be used for anything that requires HIPAA compliance.

2. Set up your existing email list with your chosen provider.

MailChimp provides handy videos to walk you through all the steps to get set up. It’s usually as simple as uploading a spreadsheet.

3. Add your patients’ emails to the list.

Add some sign-up forms to your website, bills, and other patient communications. This way patients (and future patients!) can easily add themselves to the list, too.

4. Once you’ve set it all up, start sending out helpful information.

Remember, email marketing—whether for medicine or any other industry—works best when you provide value. It’s not about spamming people with coupons or specials—it’s about extending the excellent care you offer in your practice with useful information your community can use.

This can be in the form of a fully-developed and designed newsletter or a quick “Note from the Doc.” Just choose a format that you will maintain consistently for the best results.

These days it can be a rough road for neurologists to maintain their revenue. The email list is one of the easiest, least costly ways to build relationships with your patients and the wider community. Even so, we know adding yet another thing to your to-do list can feel overwhelming.

This is why we’ve created a free, unbranded video newsletter for you to use to build your practice. Each month, we send the members of our email list instructions to access the newsletter that focuses on a timely neurology topic. You can use that newsletter as is or customize it with information from your practice.

After spending about fifteen minutes setting things up the first time you use it, in future months you will be able to send the newsletter to your email list, customized for your practice, in about two minutes.

Will you let us help you get started using email marketing to build your neurology practice? Just add your email below to receive our free video newsletter to send to your patients.