Every neurologist has a list of questions they answer over and over again. What are treatment concerns for patients with a certain diagnosis? What is your philosophy on managing chronic pain? How will this disease progress and affect my quality of life?

What Is Evergreen Content?

These topics and many others are “evergreen.” Just like evergreen trees stay green and keep their foliage throughout the year, the evergreen topic consistently needs to be addressed with neurology patients. You know this, because you answer these types of questions every day.

But you may not know that these topics are a goldmine for your website. If patients are asking about these issues in the office year round, you can be sure they are Googling them, too.

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How Evergreen Content Helps Your Web Traffic

Some topics have a limited shelf-life. If you write a blog post about a recent medical news story, it’s going to be popular in the short term, and it will probably bring some immediate traffic to your website. But when the news story fades, so will traffic to that post.

But evergreen topics are just the opposite. They might actually start off a little slow because they aren’t “news.” But evergreen content builds in popularity over time. That’s because internet searches for evergreen topics are consistent, and as the Google algorithm sees that your content appeals to those searchers, it will move your content up in the search engine results. So an evergreen blog post might end up bringing more daily traffic when it is two years old than it did when it was brand new.

Should You Write Only Evergreen Content?

This is not to say that you should abandon writing more time-sensitive blog posts for your website. These posts may not deliver traffic a year from now, but they do help build your reputation as a source for patients to turn to when they want to better understand something they are hearing out “in the wild.”

But, it does suggest that you might want to spend a bit more time crafting your evergreen content. This content should be longer and more in depth than a typical blog post. It should also be easy to read and digest, and it should conform to the very best of internet writing standards.

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Even Evergreens Sprout New Growth

Finally, evergreen content should be updated periodically. The nature of medicine, like any scientific endeavor, is that our body of knowledge is continually growing and changing. This means it’s worthwhile to keep track of the evergreen content you’ve added to your website and update it from time-to-time with the most currently accepted medical information.

If you are ready to start adding evergreen content to your website, think about topics your neurology patients ask about often. That’s where you begin. Write them up, and add them to your website. Be sure to let your patients know the information is available to them to get a good kick start. Then let the evergreen content help build your web traffic.