A couple of weeks ago we shared a post with you showing what a good fit content marketing is for physicians. It is one of the few forms of marketing that is patient-focused. You can read more about that in that post, Content Marketing: A Solution to the Divide Between Running a Business and the Hippocratic Oath?.

Some questions may come up when you read that article and start thinking about marketing your practice: Who has the time? and How much is this going to cost me? Many neurologists have a hard enough time keeping up with their patient load, paying back student loans and trying to make a decent living besides.

Doctor working on his computer in the office

Our goal here at Neurology Insights is to provide benefit to neurologists and physiatrists. Since we do that in the form of content, (i.e. informational blog posts and newsletters), we thought we’d share our resources and create some content that you could share with your patients: a patient-focused monthly newsletter.

This monthly unbranded newsletter is a free resource that you can use to quickly start reaping the benefits of content marketing for your own practice. No strings attached. Really.

Each month the patient newsletter focuses on a different neurological topic (diabetic neuropathy, meningitis, etc.) and includes an engaging informational cartoon video on the subject. The newsletter is full of useful information, relevant health news, and a delicious recipe to boot. We think your patients will enjoy receiving the newsletter, and you can rest assured that all the information is fact checked, evidence-based, and reviewed by medical professionals. Below is an example of one of the videos we have included in the patient newsletter:


Check out some of our most recent newsletters:

OK, so we have got cost covered for you; these patient newsletters are FREE to use. What about time?

We have provided three options for you, depending on how much time you or your staff have to get these newsletters ready to send to your patients.

  1. A simple PDF version that you may download and send to your patients via your own email system.
  2. A ready-to-send version preformatted for Mailchimp, a free email service.
  3. A customizable Mailchimp version where you can insert your own logo and edit the content of the newsletter.

If you decide to go with either of the Mailchimp versions of the newsletter, we have instructions and a video to help you quickly set things up. We chose to use Mailchimp because it is free and easy to use.

With these patient newsletters we believe we have solved the two most likely barriers to entry you might face with content marketing: cost and time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form in the footer if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you get started.