This April, Neurodiagnostic Week bookends a challenging year, making the celebration of neurodiagnostic technologists (NDTs) worthier than ever. That’s why Neurology Insights is proud to announce that this year Ambu Inc. is co-sponsoring the awareness week events with ASET- the Neurodiagnostic Society.

One year ago, ASET’s focus during Neurodiagnostic Week was on gathering resources techs needed to face the start of the COVID-19 pandemic — the biggest public health crises in modern times.

The last 12 months brought challenges to healthcare workers across clinical areas, said ASET President Connie Kubiak. Neurodiagnostic technologists were not immune to the changing policies, shifting technologies, or staffing challenges (some in the form of furloughs) that came out of the pandemic.

“Some techs were exposed to very ill patients, while others are still testing those patients with lingering effects of this virus,” Kubiak said. “We want to recognize you and say thank you for a job well done!”

In a year dominated by health statistics, ASET Executive Director Kevin Helm said he wants to celebrate those often “lost behind the data.”

“Neurodiagnostic Week is an opportunity for us to pause and recognize the contributions of the people behind the scenes,” Helm said. “These are individuals who made this industry survive and thrive during this tumultuous year.”

Highlights from the Year

To kick off the celebration, we have gathered together a few of our favorite stories about technologists doing extraordinary things throughout 2020/2021:

Innovative Design Protects EEG Equipment from Contamination

Here’s one unique solution to prevent equipment contamination when performing EEGs on patients with COVID-19.

New Children’s Book Helps Kids Prepare for EEGs

A new children’s book helps calm anxiety before an EEG for your youngest patients.

Q&A: Outgoing ASET President Connie Kubiak Shares Experiences and Advice

With a healthy perspective regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, ASET President Connie Kubiak has remained committed to serving the society’s members and pushing neurodiagnostics forward.

Learn more about Neurodiagnostic Week on the ASET website and join us on social media with the hashtag #NDweek. Stay tuned for more stories about neurodiagnostic technologists rising to the occasion this past year.