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What Is Evergreen Content and Why Do You Need It?

Every neurologist has a list of questions they answer over and over again. What are treatment concerns for patients with a certain diagnosis? What is your philosophy on managing chronic pain? How will this disease progress and affect my quality of life? What Is Evergreen Content? These topics and many others are “evergreen.” Just like…
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What’s the Point of the Physician About Page?

By Amy Rogers, Coffee Break Medical Marketing Your website’s physician About page isn’t really about you. It’s about what you can do for your patients. It has a lot in common with all the other pages on your website: pages like the Contact page, the Conditions Treated page, and even the Patient Forms page. It…
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Is Your Medical Website Alive? It Should Be.

In the good old days of the internet (“old” being relative) many websites were just like expanded business cards on the web. Those old websites were essentially a Yellow Pages entry, but online. And like the Yellow Pages, once the listing was created, it was published and forgotten. But today, users—and search engines—expect a lot…
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Let Generation Z Help You Navigate the Digital World

Call them what you will—Gen Z, iGen, or Post-Millennials—but don’t overlook our youngest generation. These digital natives (we’ll call them Gen Z going forward) have a unique perspective, they are outspoken and poised to lead. Learning how to market to this generation will teach you a lot about how to market to all your potential…
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Three Reasons Your Practice Needs a Blog

by Bliss Mishler at CB Medical Marketing Who doesn’t have a blog these days? Neurologists, that’s who. And it’s time for you to get on board. The big hospitals and clinics like Mayo and Cleveland have them, but many people think that’s only because they have huge marketing departments. Not so. Blogging is one of…