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Three Reasons Your Practice Should Have a Facebook Page

“How would you like patients to contact your practice?” asked Jeff Takacs in his session intro at the annual meeting of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). “Your answer should be: However they prefer.” For many patients, that preference includes Facebook. Nearly 70 percent of all Americans are on Facebook, according to a 2018 survey…
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The ‘Top Doctor’ Conundrum

“Dear Dr._____, Well Done! From the most trusted resource in healthcare, ______ is honored to announce your selection as a 2019 Top Doctor. Be sure to put your 2019 award prominently on display. It’s sure to impress.” This is how it starts, and it seems pretty straightforward: You, a physician, get a letter like the…
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Content Marketing: A Solution to the Divide Between Running a Business and the Hippocratic Oath?

Running a private medical practice puts physicians in a unique position, walking a careful line between taking care of their business and taking care of their patients. An editorial released this month (Jan 2019) in JAMA says it well: …on one hand, health care revolves around a sacred compact between patients and clinicians and local…
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