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Looking to Add Revenue Without Increasing Stress? Try Teleneurology

“This is a fabulous supplement to a practice,” says neurologist Elaine C. Jones, MD, FAAN, about telemedicine. “It’s fun, and I do enjoy it.” Jones started doing telemedicine about four years ago, evenings and weekends at first while running a busy solo neurology practice. After a couple of years, she says, “It was going well,…
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Declutter Your Office to Improve Reimbursement

“Neurologists are facing yearly reductions in reimbursement for rendered services. These reductions arise from changes by Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payers to achieve cost savings,” say Dr. Peter Donofrio et. al. in the journal Neurology: Clinical Practice. But you probably already knew that. The question is, “What can you do about it?” For a start,…
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Current Trends in Telehealth and Beyond

“Telehealth is not the future—it’s the present. If you aren’t using it now, you will be soon,” says neurologist Eric Anderson, MD, PhD, who practices telemedicine in more than 20 states and 80 hospitals in the U.S. Telestroke is the most ubiquitous example of telemedicine in use today, but catching up quickly are virtual office…
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Have You Considered Adding a Medical Scribe to Your Practice?

“Like some virulent bacteria doubling on the agar plate, the E.M.R. grows more gargantuan with each passing month, requiring ever more (and ever more arduous) documentation to feed the beast,” wrote Danielle Ofri, M.D., in this New York Times article. She is not alone in her concerns about the runaway paperwork problem faced by doctors…
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How ‘Tele-Movement’ Can Bridge the Gap for Neurology Patients with Movement Disorders

In most parts of this country there simply aren’t enough neurologists. Twenty states have, in fact, been identified as neurology deserts, according to data presented this year (2017) at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. Jaime M. Hatcher-Martin, MD, PhD, a neurologist in Atlanta, says that out of the 159 counties in Georgia, there are only…
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