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Hold On! Negotiate Higher Reimbursements Instead of Dropping that Carrier

These are challenging times for neurologists in private practice. To keep their doors open, many are having to make difficult financial decisions, including whether to stay with insurance carriers. Dropping a carrier can be painful. It is not an uncomplicated process, and frankly, it hurts to tell your patients that you can’t take their insurance…
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What Not to Do in Telemedicine

Since the late 1990s neurologists have been involved in the remote care of patients using telemedicine. This has primarily been through telestroke programs, but the application of this technology-driven mode of care has increased to include more than just stroke patients. Today, according to the American Hospital Association, “[Seventy-six] percent of U.S. hospitals connect with…
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Tracking the Best Medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine. That may be true… if you are laughing while you exercise, because the health benefits of a good workout are undisputed. Many of exercise’s benefits, particularly for neurology patients, are hard for available medical treatments to match. Exercise is associated with decreased cardiovascular mortality, including stroke. It may…
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