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Gearing Up for MIPS in 2020

As you think about your practice in 2020, you may be considering how to maximize your Medicare payments through the Merit Based Incentive System, known as MIPS. Most physiatrists will report under MIPS, which has a direct impact on future Medicare payments, according to Dr. Mark Huang and Robert Jasak. The program is updated annually,…
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Telemedicine in the PM&R Practice: The TeleRehab Visit

“It’s important to remember that the alternative to telehealth for many is not in-person care, it is no care because of barriers.” —Marla Kaufman, MD Dr. Marla Kaufman, Medical Director & Clinical Associate Professor, Puget Sound VA Hub Site, Telerehabilitation Enterprise Wide Initiative (TREWI), picked up the AAPMR session on teleRehab where Dr. Tapia left…
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What Not to Do in Telemedicine

Since the late 1990s neurologists have been involved in the remote care of patients using telemedicine. This has primarily been through telestroke programs, but the application of this technology-driven mode of care has increased to include more than just stroke patients. Today, according to the American Hospital Association, “[Seventy-six] percent of U.S. hospitals connect with…

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