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Hold On! Negotiate Higher Reimbursements Instead of Dropping that Carrier

These are challenging times for neurologists in private practice. To keep their doors open, many are having to make difficult financial decisions, including whether to stay with insurance carriers. Dropping a carrier can be painful. It is not an uncomplicated process, and frankly, it hurts to tell your patients that you can’t take their insurance…
Clinical Applications, Practice Growth, Practice Management, Today's Neurologist,

How ‘Tele-Movement’ Can Bridge the Gap for Neurology Patients with Movement Disorders

In most parts of this country there simply aren’t enough neurologists. Twenty states have, in fact, been identified as neurology deserts, according to data presented this year (2017) at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. Jaime M. Hatcher-Martin, MD, PhD, a neurologist in Atlanta, says that out of the 159 counties in Georgia, there are only…
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Current Trends in Telehealth and Beyond

“Telehealth is not the future—it’s the present. If you aren’t using it now, you will be soon,” says neurologist Eric Anderson, MD, PhD, who practices telemedicine in more than 20 states and 80 hospitals in the U.S. Telestroke is the most ubiquitous example of telemedicine in use today, but catching up quickly are virtual office…

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