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The Top Three Reasons You Should Care About Integrative Neurology

Neurologist Sarah Mulukutla, MD, MPH, says her path to integrative neurology began with a search to cure her own debilitating headaches. “When I was 25 years old, I developed chronic migraine, seemingly out of nowhere.” Her tests were all negative and she says, “the physicians I went to said everything seemed alright.” But there she…
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Bias in Dementia Screening

Since its 1975 publication in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) has become a staple of dementia screening. The simple test, which requires no special equipment, provides a cursory assessment for cognitive impairment, testing for things like orientation to time and place and the ability to follow complex instructions. The MMSE…
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How ‘Tele-Movement’ Can Bridge the Gap for Neurology Patients with Movement Disorders

In most parts of this country there simply aren’t enough neurologists. Twenty states have, in fact, been identified as neurology deserts, according to data presented this year (2017) at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. Jaime M. Hatcher-Martin, MD, PhD, a neurologist in Atlanta, says that out of the 159 counties in Georgia, there are only…
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Looking to Add Revenue Without Increasing Stress? Try Teleneurology

“This is a fabulous supplement to a practice,” says neurologist Elaine C. Jones, MD, FAAN, about telemedicine. “It’s fun, and I do enjoy it.” Jones started doing telemedicine about four years ago, evenings and weekends at first while running a busy solo neurology practice. After a couple of years, she says, “It was going well,…
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