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Deep Brain Stimulation

This newsletter focuses on the use of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for patients with movement disorders. For patients with neurological conditions, they may fear that an unusual treatment may be worse than the disease. This can certainly be true for patients with movement disorders who are contemplating deep brain stimulation to help control their seizures.…
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The Future of Deep Brain Stimulation

While deep brain stimulation (DBS) has a short list of approved FDA indications, the list of potential uses is quite long. At the 2018 meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, Michael S. Okun, MD, Professor of Neurology, University of Florida, discussed what the future of DBS might look like. In his presentation, Novel and…
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Patient Selection for Deep Brain Stimulation

Since the FDA approved deep brain stimulation (DBS) for essential tremor and Parkinson’s tremor in 1997, it has become an increasingly valuable tool in caring for patients with neurological disorders. Five years after the initial FDA approval, advanced Parkinson disease associated with motor complications was added to the list of indications, followed by dystonia in…

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