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Dementia is a concern for most of us these days. Whether we are worrying about an aging loved one whose memory seems to be slipping or we are contemplating lifestyle changes to reduce the chance of dementia later, dementia is something we all think about. But not everyone has a clear understanding of what causes…

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

Developing dementia is one of the more frightening aspects of aging. The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s, but few know the signs and symptoms. It is important for your patients to know when simple forgetfulness might mean something more and they, or their loved ones, need to seek professional care from your practice.…

Brain Training

This newsletter focuses on the question of brain training and whether it offers any benefit in preventing or postponing dementia. While the recent ACTIVE trial is promising, there isn’t anything to suggest that a $15 per month subscription to brain training activities offers any benefit. This month’s video addresses this topic. Select one of the…
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Bias in Dementia Screening

Since its 1975 publication in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) has become a staple of dementia screening. The simple test, which requires no special equipment, provides a cursory assessment for cognitive impairment, testing for things like orientation to time and place and the ability to follow complex instructions. The MMSE…
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“The Gene” for Alzheimer Disease

Your patient just got some interesting news. He is 17 percent Eastern European, he probably sneezes in bright sunlight, and he has “the gene” for Alzheimer Disease. That’s right, your patient just had genetic testing done by a company like 23andMe. The biotech firm lets its customers send in a saliva sample to have DNA…

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